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$30 Million Jury Verdict Obtained in Child Victims Act Case

Attorney Amy C. Keller of Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria, recently obtained a $30 million jury verdict for her client, who was a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

In a front page story, The Buffalo News reported that the $30 million jury verdict is believed to be the largest award in Western New York for a case filed under the Child Victims Act.

The Child Victims Act lawsuit was filed against Rev. Douglas D. Thore, who served as pastor of St. Nicodemus Evangelical Lutheran Church, located in Marilla, NY, from approximately 1984 to 2004. Thore resigned from his post as a Lutheran pastor when Erie County sheriff’s deputies investigated him due to allegations of child molestation.

Analysis of First Amendment in Defamation Lawsuit Against Alex Jones

A trial is underway in the defamation lawsuit brought against conspiracy theorist and media personality, Alex Jones. The trial, which is taking place in Austin, TX, has drawn national attention and extensive media coverage.

As the trial continues, the Associated Press recently published a story that examines how the First Amendment and free speech factor into Alex Jones’ case. Attorney Barry N. Covert spoke with the Associated Press’ Legal Affairs Writer, Michael Tarm, to provide legal analysis for this story.

The defamation lawsuit was brought against Alex Jones by parents of one of the student victims in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Alex Jones made comments that the shooting was a hoax, which prompted the defamation lawsuit.

In its “EXPLAINER” article, the Associated Press examines how this defamation case relates to the First Amendment, by addressing several questions, including:

New York State Thruway’s $8 Million Lawsuit Against General Contractor Dismissed

An $8.1 million lawsuit filed by the New York State Thruway Authority, against five companies involved in a wind turbine project, was recently dismissed by a New York State Supreme Court Judge. The motion to dismiss was filed by attorney Joseph J. Manna, who represents the project’s general contractor, Kandey Company.

Numerous media outlets reported on the dismissal of the Thruway Authority’s lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court. Joseph Manna spoke with The Buffalo New and WGRZ 2 On Your Side to provide insight for their coverage of the case. Continue reading for a summary of what led to the Thruway Authority’s wind turbine lawsuit being dismissed and click the video below to watch WGRZ’s report on the case, which includes an interview with Mr. Manna.