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Legal Analysis of Gov. Hochul’s Enforcement of New York State’s HERO Act

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul recently signed a directive that requires businesses in New York State to implement specific workplace safety plans. This directive enforces regulations set forth in the New York Health and Essential Rights Act, also known as the HERO Act. The HERO Act was put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

WGRZ 2 On Your Side anchor Scott Levin recently interviewed attorney Barry N. Covert to provide legal analysis regarding enforcement of New York State’s HERO Act. During the interview, Mr. Covert discussed the potential implications the HERO Act will have on New York State businesses, the liability the HERO Act may create for employers, and the possibility of a legal challenge to the HERO Act.

Continuing reading for portions of Barry Covert’s comments and click the video below to watch the full interview with WGRZ’s Scott Levin.

Legal Analysis of Employer Mandates for Coronavirus Vaccinations

President Joe Biden recently announced new COVID-19 pandemic requirements for all federal workers.  In an effort to increase vaccination rates, federal workers will be required to attest that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus or comply with mandatory requirements involving masking, testing, and social distancing.

WIVB News 4 recently aired a report on the new vaccine requirements for federal employees. As part of their ongoing coverage of the coronavirus and vaccine debate, WIVB anchor Jacquie Walker spoke with attorney Barry N. Covert.

In their interview, Jacquie Walker asks Barry Covert to address the legality of a vaccine mandate for federal employees, the applicability of a vaccine mandate in the private sector, and the possibility of a federal vaccine mandate for all citizens of the United States.

Legal Analysis on Latest Developments in Investigations of Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Allegations Made Against Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Regional and national media outlets continue to report on the latest developments in the investigations of sexual harassment and misconduct allegations made against New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Fox News recently aired a report on new comments made to the Albany Times Union by one of Gov. Cuomo accuser’s. Labor and Employment attorney Robert L. Boreanaz was interviewed to provide legal analysis for the report.

In the report, Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas stated that one of Gov. Cuomo’s accusers has spoken out for the first time by providing comment to the Albany Times Union. Llenas went on to state that the accuser, who is a current aide who says Cuomo aggressively sexually groped her, told the Albany Times Union that the harassment was the culmination of two years of grooming.