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Trusted Traveler Program Applications Suspended for New York State Residents

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced that it is suspending applications for Trusted Traveler Programs from residents of New York State. Trusted Traveler Programs, such as NEXUS and other global entry, allows for an expedited process for pre-screened travelers who are traveling between the United States and Canada.

As reported by WGRZ 2 On Your Side, the federal government cited New York State’s recently enacted Green Light Law as the reason for suspending Trusted Traveler Program applications from New York State residents. The Green Light Law allows illegal aliens, who are residing in New York State, to receive a state issued driver’s license. In addition, the Green Light Law prohibits New York State DMV data from being shared with federal law enforcement agencies such as Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

New York State officials who support the Green Light Law argue that other states already have similar laws in place and DMV data is not needed for the extensive screening process that is required for applicants of Trust Traveler Programs such as NEXUS. State and local officials who opposed the Green Light Law argue that the Department of Homeland Security’s actions indicate the law should be repealed.

What the Defend Trade Secrets Act Means for Your Business

Senior partner and intellectual property attorney Jonathan Brown wrote a guest column that appears in the July 11 issue of the Buffalo Law Journal. “Law provides new tools to protect trade secrets” describes a new federal law, called the Defend Trade Secrets Act, recently signed into effect by President Obama. The DTSA is the first federal civil cause of action regarding misappropriation of trade secrets and it provides some consistency and predictability to their protection.