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In Memory of Carl A. Green

Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria mourns the loss of one of its founding Partners, Carl A. Green, who passed away on July 11, 2020 at the age of 92. Over his career that spanned nearly 60 years, Mr. Green was known as a masterful trial lawyer, a crusader for workers exposed to asbestos, an advocate for union officials, and an esteemed mentor to young lawyers who worked under his tutelage.

Buffalo Diocese’s Reliance on Insurance Policies Conflicts With Sex Abuse Victims’ Demands for Justice

A recent frontpage story in The Buffalo News reports on the Buffalo Diocese’s plan to rely on insurance policies to cover their liability in Child Victims Act lawsuits.

Attorney Richard P. Weisbeck, Jr. spoke with The Buffalo News for the story. He provided insight on the perspective that survivors of clergy sexual abuse and Child Victims Act attorneys have regarding steps the diocese is taking with insurance policies.

The story in The Buffalo News details: the Buffalo Diocese’s bankruptcy plans, how insurance coverage has been used by other dioceses for child sex abuse lawsuits, delays and objections from insurance companies, as well as how this approach conflicts with victims’ demands for justice.

Legal Analysis on Initial Steps of Buffalo Police Reform Policy

WIVB News 4 recently aired a report on steps that have been taken by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown regarding police reform in their respective jurisdictions. Attorney Barry Covert was interviewed for the story to provide legal analysis on some logistical aspects of the new reforms as well as the potential widespread impact the reforms may have.

Police Reform Legislation

WIVB reported that Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a package of police reform measures into law in New York State. In an announcement on the police reform legislation, Gov. Cuomo also indicated that the state would withhold money from police departments that fail to reform their practices.