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Buffalo Diocese’s Reliance on Insurance Policies Conflicts With Sex Abuse Victims’ Demands for Justice

A recent frontpage story in The Buffalo News reports on the Buffalo Diocese’s plan to rely on insurance policies to cover their liability in Child Victims Act lawsuits.

Attorney Richard P. Weisbeck, Jr. spoke with The Buffalo News for the story. He provided insight on the perspective that survivors of clergy sexual abuse and Child Victims Act attorneys have regarding steps the diocese is taking with insurance policies.

The story in The Buffalo News details: the Buffalo Diocese’s bankruptcy plans, how insurance coverage has been used by other dioceses for child sex abuse lawsuits, delays and objections from insurance companies, as well as how this approach conflicts with victims’ demands for justice.

The Buffalo News Reports on Steps Lipsitz Green is Taking to Move Child Victims Act Lawsuits Forward for Survivors of Clergy Sexual Abuse

The Buffalo News recently published an article as part of their ongoing coverage of clergy sex abuse in the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo and New York State’s Child Victims Act (CVA).

The article included a report on steps Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria is taking in state court to move Child Victims Act lawsuits forward on behalf of clients whose abuse was perpetrated by someone associated with an entity within the Buffalo Diocese. Attorney Richard P. Weisbeck, Jr., who represents many survivors of childhood sexual abuse, was quoted by The Buffalo News for the report.

Child Victims Act Lawsuit Filed Against Ex-Prosecutor On Behalf of Former Babysitter

The Buffalo News recently published a story regarding a Child Victim’s Act lawsuit filed against a former Erie County prosecutor. Attorney Richard P. Weisbeck, Jr. filed the Child Victims Act lawsuit on behalf of his client against former prosecutor, Michael R. Stebick.

As reported in The Buffalo News, the Child Victim’s Act lawsuit states that the incidents took place in 1992 in Michael Stebick’s Orchard Park home when Mr. Weisbeck’s client was sixteen years old.

Mr. Weisbeck stated to The Buffalo News “My client was a babysitter, hired by Stebick, and he was about 44 at the time”. Mr. Weisbeck continued by saying “There were multiple incidents.”

The Buffalo News’ story on this Child Victims Act lawsuit included details on a 2008 human trafficking conviction against Michael Stebick. The Buffalo News noted that Richard Weisbeck indicated the Child Victims Act lawsuit has no connection to the 2008 human trafficking matter.

Click here to read the full article from The Buffalo News.

For more information on the legal rights of survivors of childhood sexual abuse and the Child Victims Act, visit Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria’s Sexual Abuse Victims page. For answers to additional questions or for a free confidential case review, contact attorney Richard P. Weisbeck, Jr. at 716-849-1333, ext. 348 or via e-mail at