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Diocese of Buffalo Whistleblower Exposes Handling of Misconduct Allegations Against Clergy

ABC News as well as local affiliate WKBW recently published their latest story in the ongoing reporting of how sexual abuse and harassment allegations against clergy are handled in the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.

The latest report details recordings made by a second whistleblower who has come forward due to concerns over Bishop Richard Malone and information he concealed regarding misconduct allegations made against a parish pastor within the Diocese of Buffalo.

The whistleblower is Fr. Ryszard Biernat, who served as Bishop Malone’s secretary and diocesan vice chancellor.  Fr. Biernat is represented by attorney Barry Covert.  Mr. Covert provided comment for stories published by ABC News and WKBW 7 Eyewitness News.

As reported by ABC News and WKBW, Fr. Biernat was compelled to begin recording meetings with Bishop Richard Malone due to the way he addressed misconduct and sexual harassment allegations made against Fr. Jeffrey Nowak. Fr. Nowak served as pastor of Our Lady Help of Christians, a parish in the Buffalo Diocese. Allegations against Fr. Nowak were made by a seminarian within the Diocese of Buffalo, Matthew Bojanowski. Mr. Bojanowski is also represented by Barry Covert.

Legal Analysis of New Indictment Against Rep. Chris Collins

United States Congressman Chris Collins was indicted on a series of insider trading charges in August 2018.  Nearly a year after the initial indictment, federal prosecutors have recently re-filed the case against Rep. Chris Collins, leading to a new “superseding” indictment. The new indictment against Rep. Chris Collins excludes three charges that were included in 2018’s indictment.

These latest developments in Rep. Chris Collins’ insider trading case have been covered extensively by news outlets throughout Western New York. Attorney Barry Covert was interviewed by The Buffalo News, WGRZ 2 on Your Side, and WIVB News 4 to provide legal analysis on the new indictment. Over the course of these interviews, Mr. Covert’s analysis addresses several aspects of the updated charges, including:

  • Why did federal prosecutors convene a new grand jury in the insider trading case against Rep. Chris Collins?
  • What is the significance of the three charges that have been removed from the new indictment?
  • What is the Speech and Debate clause and how does it impact the case against Rep. Chris Collins?
  • Has the overall nature of the case against Rep. Chris Collins changed with the new indictment?


License Remains Revoked for Negligent Day Care Center Where Toddler Was Injured

The Buffalo News recently published an article detailing a judge’s ruling on the license status of a negligent day care center operator.  The article is the latest in a series of reports from The Buffalo News on the case involving injured toddler, Malania Chevere.

In July 2018, Malania Chevere, who was just a few days away from her second birthday, suffered a brain injury while in the care of Mozee’s Ultimate Family Daycare. An investigation is ongoing to determine how the toddler was injured at the day care center.

Attorney William P. Moore, a Senior Partner in Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria’s Personal Injury department, represents Malania Chevere’s parents, Brittany Elliott and Greg Chevere.

Following Malania Chevere’s catastrophic injury, the New York State Office of Children and Family Services revoked the license of the day care center’s owner, Desiree “Debbie” Mozee. Recently, Ms. Mozee appealed to a state administrative law judge to have her license reinstated so she can reopen Mozee’s Ultimate Family Daycare.