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What the Defend Trade Secrets Act Means for Your Business

Senior partner and intellectual property attorney Jonathan Brown wrote a guest column that appears in the July 11 issue of the Buffalo Law Journal. “Law provides new tools to protect trade secrets” describes a new federal law, called the Defend Trade Secrets Act, recently signed into effect by President Obama. The DTSA is the first federal civil cause of action regarding misappropriation of trade secrets and it provides some consistency and predictability to their protection.


Medical Malpractice Myths

Throughout the country, medical malpractice suits are thought to flood the legal system. People are led to believe these law suits are frivolous, as it is alleged that they lead to outrageously large verdicts that drive doctors out of business or out of state. In reality, medical malpractice suits comprise well under 2% of all civil cases in the country, despite the fact that preventable medical errors are the third largest cause of death in America. Don’t let misconceptions prevent you from seeking justice if you experience a medical error. Learn the truth about medical malpractice and what to do if you believe you have a case.