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What the Affordable Care Act Means for Your Business

A guest column by Mark Stulmaker, one of Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria’s employee benefits attorneys, appears in the November 2 issue of the Buffalo Law Journal. In “New ACA requirements for small business”, Mr. Stulmaker discusses the Affordable Care Act changes that will go into effect on January 1, 2016 for small businesses. He explains how the definition of a small business will change and the various regulations that these businesses will now have to follow, including what benefits must be provided to employees and how employers are expected to comply.

Read the full article on the Buffalo Law Journal website.


The Dangers of Electronic Medical Records

The advent of new technology has revolutionized virtually every facet of our lives. We see changes in business operations, social communication, and even in the way we receive medical care. In recent years, hospitals, emergency rooms, and doctors’ offices across the country have begun utilizing new technology to replace handwritten patient records with a new tool called electronic medical records (EMRs). Although EMRs are meant to improve the way medical professionals provide care, you should be aware of the fact that EMRs may be a source of harm to patients.


How Unions Can Research a Company

It’s imperative that unions know as much as possible about the businesses they are seeking to organize and with which they are bargaining.  Company information is necessary to determine the most effective means of placing economic pressure on a company, both in terms of organizing and bargaining tactics.  A deep understanding of the company, its leaders and its culture is invaluable for a union whether representing individual members, organizing a new bargaining unit or negotiating a contract with a difficult employer.  In short, knowledge is indeed power for unions dealing with their corporate partners and adversaries.