The Buffalo News Reports on Todd Aldinger’s Court Filing for His Client’s Latest Legal Fight With New York State Over Mask Wearing at Orchard Park Gym

Attorney Todd Aldinger’s recent court filing on behalf of his client, Athlete’s Unleashed, was covered by the Buffalo News for a recent front-page story.

Robert Dinero, owner of Athlete’s Unleashed, gained national attention when he waged a successful legal fight against New York State due to the COVID-19 related restrictions the state placed on his Orchard Park gym.

As the Buffalo News reports, Mr. Dinero is now under the threat of a new court order based on recent filings by the New York State Office of the Attorney General. The state Attorney General’s office claims that photos posted on the gym’s social media accounts demonstrate that Athlete’s Unleashed has violated Department of Health regulations.

Athlete’s Unleashed’s attorney Todd Aldinger stated that none of the photos from the gym show any violations of the state’s gym guidance during the pandemic. Mr. Aldinger went on to say that the state’s request for an order against Athlete’s Unleased is “obviously biased and selective enforcement of the mask mandate.”

Mr. Aldinger cited examples of high-profile photos of individuals violating New York State Department of Health COVID-19 guidelines, who were never penalized for their violation of a mask mandate. Regarding his client, Mr. Aldinger stated “Singling out Robert Dinero for this purported violation of the exact same mask mandate in retaliation for Mr. Dinero bringing his petition against (the state) smacks of selective prosecution.”

For the Buffalo News’ full story, including legal steps Todd Aldinger is taking to defend his client in this matter, click here. If you have any questions regarding restrictions being placed on businesses, click here to contact Todd Aldinger.