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$1,450,000 Settlement Obtained for Family of Woman with Diverticulitis Misdiagnosis

Diverticulitis is an infection of outpouchings that develop in the large colon. It is a common condition, but can be deadly if misdiagnosed or not treated properly. The infection can progress to the point where the colon perforates, allowing stool to leak into the patient’s free abdomen causing sepsis. If that happens, life-saving emergency surgery is required.


What to Know About Misdiagnosis

When you go to the doctor or have to visit the emergency room, you expect that the health professionals with whom you interact will pay close attention to your symptoms and medical history in order to meet the expected standard of care. Unfortunately, The Washington Post reports that the reality is that many people’s visits fall short of those expectations. Every year, 12 million Americans who seek outpatient care have a delayed or wrong diagnosis, and misdiagnosis is the leading cause of medical malpractice claims in the United States. Learn what contributes to misdiagnosis and what you can do to improve your own safety in the doctor’s office.