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New York State Nursing License Defense

Barry Covert, a senior partner at Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria, wrote a guest column that appeared in the March 27 issue of the Buffalo Law Journal. In “Legally defending a professional license is not just about protecting a career”, Mr. Covert explains several issues related to professional licensing defense, including how nursing licenses are obtained, what could put a professional license in jeopardy, how a professional license can be protected, and what an attorney’s role is in the process.

The full article is available on the Buffalo Law Journal website.


Criminalization of Business Regulation Violations

In the past, when corporations committed regulatory violations the penalties were often not severe. It used to be the case that the company would pay a fine and then business could continue as usual. Over the last decade, however, criminal statutes and sanctions against businesses have begun to resurface from within the federal regulations. This allows these violations to be criminalized and corporations to be prosecuted in an environment that was formerly largely thought of as regulatory. White collar criminal defense attorney Barry N. Covert spoke to the Buffalo Law Journal about the way these regulations are now being applied and how they could affect businesses going forward. The full story is available on the Buffalo Law Journal website.


Requirements and Protections of Title IX

A guest column written by Barry Covert, senior partner and criminal defense attorney at Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria, appears in the January 25 issue of the Buffalo Law Journal. “Title IX provides essential protections” details what Title IX requires of and provides for educational institutions. In the article, Mr. Covert dispels the misconception that Title IX only applies to gender equality in college athletics and explains how the reach and protection of Title IX extend much farther than many people realize.