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How Unions Can Research a Company

It’s imperative that unions know as much as possible about the businesses they are seeking to organize and with which they are bargaining.  Company information is necessary to determine the most effective means of placing economic pressure on a company, both in terms of organizing and bargaining tactics.  A deep understanding of the company, its leaders and its culture is invaluable for a union whether representing individual members, organizing a new bargaining unit or negotiating a contract with a difficult employer.  In short, knowledge is indeed power for unions dealing with their corporate partners and adversaries.


National Labor Relations Board Election Rules Update

The National Labor Relations Board implemented new election rules on April 14, 2015. The new rules are an attempt to streamline and expedite the union election process, providing employees with a quick and efficient means to organize.

According to the NLRB Representation Case-Procedures Fact Sheet, “The final rule will streamline board procedures; increase transparency and uniformity across regions; eliminate or reduce unnecessary litigation, duplication, and delay; and update the board’s rules on documents and communications in light of modern communications technology.”