Several Media Outlets Report on Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of The Estate of a Deceased Detainee Who Died in The Erie County Holding Center Due to Lack of Adequate Medical Attention

Several media outlets have reported on a lawsuit, which was recently filed by attorneys from Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria, on behalf of the estate of Sean Riordan.

As detailed in a press release issued by Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria, Mr. Riordan died on his 30th birthday due to lack of adequate medical attention, care, and treatment while he was in the care and custody of Erie County, the Sheriff, and the Erie County Sheriff’s Department.

The lawsuit asserts that the County and Sheriff and others violated the constitutional rights of Riordan, including his rights to adequate medical care and freedom from the unlawful use of force by government agents, and due process of law. On June 5, 2022, after suffering for days in plain view of his jailers, Sean Riordan went into cardiac arrest somewhere in the jail. The lawsuit claims that the cardiac arrest was brought on by lack of adequate medical attention, care, and treatment and/or unlawful force.

The lawsuit has garnered the attention of media outlets from across the county.  Several regional newspapers have reported on Mr. Riordan’s case, including: The Charlotte Observer, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Kansas City Star, The Lexington Herald-Ledger, The Miami Herald, The Raleigh News & Observer, and The Sacramento Bee.

Melissa Wischerath, who is one of the attorneys representing the estate of Sean Riordan in this case, sat down for interviews with NBC News affiliate WGRZ and CBS news affiliate WIVB to discuss the case. Full reports by WGRZ and WIVB can be viewed by clicking on the videos below.

Ms. Wischerath stated “By depriving people in its custody of adequate medical care, Erie County and the Sherriff have become the judge, jury and executioner for detainees in its custody. Sean Riordan was charged with a minor traffic violation and did not deserve to be sentenced to death by medical neglect.”

Wischerath continued “We are supposed to trust jail systems to keep people alive and safe, so they can have their day in Court while awaiting a trial. The death rate at the Erie County Holding Center tells us that the County and Sheriff are failing to provide humane conditions for people in custody, and it’s killing them. We are asking the Court to appoint experts to investigate and identify appropriate solutions to the chronic and unconstitutional practices at the ECHC, and to order implementation of intensive education and training of their staff to ensure adequate medical care to all detainees in its custody.”

The full complaint filed in New York State Supreme Court on behalf of the estate of Sean Riordan can be found by clicking here. The full press release announcing the filing of the lawsuit can be found by clicking here.