Legal Analysis on New York State Impeachment Process

New York State’s Attorney General, Letitia James, recently held a press conference to announce the findings of a sexual harassment investigation into Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The Attorney General appointed independent investigators who released a 168-page report, which details that Governor Cuomo did sexually harass state employees.

As a result of the report, some believe an impeachment investigation is forthcoming. As part of their ongoing coverage of the sexual harassment investigation, WGRZ 2 On Your Side recently aired a report addressing what is involved in New York’s impeachment process of a governor.

WGRZ reporter Leanne Stuck interview attorney Barry Covert to provide legal analysis and insight into New York State’s impeachment process.

During the interview, Mr. Covert state “The assembly would have to introduce and pass by a majority so 76 out of 150 members of the assembly would have to pass an impeachment resolution, very similar to the federal system.” Mr. Covert went on to say “If a two-thirds vote for impeachment then the governor would be out of office.”

Click the video below to watch WGRZ’s full report, including Barry Covert’s legal analysis.