WBEN News Radio Interview Barry Covert on The Child Victims Act

Attorney Barry Covert was interviewed by WBEN News Radio 930’s Tom Puckett to discuss details of New York State’s Child Victims Act.

Barry Covert represents survivors of childhood sexual abuse and has worked with state lawmakers on legislation related to sexual abuse.

Click the player below to hear details on the Child Victims Act including:

  • How the Child Victims Act changes the statute of limitations for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to pursue justice against their abuser and institutions whose negligence allowed the abuse to occur
  • Dates and deadlines for the Child Victim Act’s “Look-Back Window” provision, which is a 12 month period with essentially no statute of limitations
  • The vast list of institutions where childhood sexual abuse has occurred
  • The importance of validation and empowerment, which the Child Victims Act will provide to many sexual abuse victims for the first time in New York State

For more information on the Child Victims Act and the legal rights of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, click here to contact Barry Covert via e-mail or call 716-849-1333, ext. 365.