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Boston Town Clerk Investigated

WGRZ spoke to Michael Schiavone about an investigation, for which he is serving as outside counsel, into a house purchased by the Boston Town Clerk.

New York Ban on Ballot Selfies Stands

WGRZ's Scott Levin asked constitutional attorney Barry Covert for his commentary on the ruling in a Manhattan court case on whether or not New Yorkers should be allowed to take selfies and pictures of their ballots while voting.

Man Charged in Elma Accidental Shooting

Criminal defense attorney Barry Covert spoke to WGRZ's Maryalice Demler about the charges 19-year-old Jake Klocek faces in relation to his involvement in the shooting death of a 19-year-old in Elma.

Personal Injury Practice in Western New York

Personal injury attorney James T. Scime was featured in the Buffalo Law Journal's cover story about personal injury practices and the differences among personal injury firms.

Difficulties Doing Business in Buffalo

Constitutional attorney Barry Covert spoke to WGRZ's Claudine Ewing about the difficulties that some Buffalo businesses face when trying to open or expand.

Debate Over New York State Scaffold Law Reform

Personal injury attorney James T. Scime spoke to the Buffalo Law Journal about a proposed change to New York State's Scaffold Law and what it might mean for the safety of construction workers.

Buffalo Police Officer Suspended for Social Media Posts

WGRZ asked Paul Cambria, a noted criminal defense attorney who has taken First Amendment cases to the Supreme Court, for his legal analysis of the suspension of a Buffalo police officer after he posted videos on Vine that violated the Department's social media policy.

Local Panera Under Scrutiny for Sign

Business and corporate attorney Jeffrey Reina gives WGRZ his legal analysis of a potentially discriminatory sign posted at a local Panera Bread location.

Trademark Issues Over Use of Buffalove

Experienced trademark attorney Jonathan W. Brown talks to WGRZ about the legal complications associated with trademarking "Buffalove" and other slogans.

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