Personal Injury Practice in Western New York

A recent issue of the Buffalo Law Journal focused on personal injury practices in the Western New York region. That issue’s cover story, “The differing sides of personal injury”, featured attorneys who represent clients on both sides of personal injury cases. James T. Scime, a senior partner in Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria’s personal injury department, was the plaintiff’s attorney featured in this cover story. He spoke to the Buffalo Law Journal about representing those who are injured and the differences among personal injury firms. The full story can be found on the Buffalo Law Journal website.

Differences between plaintiffs and defense

Mr. Scime explained to the Buffalo Law Journal the difference between a litigation firm defending insurance companies and a firm that represents plaintiffs, saying, “Personal injury defense is really insurance company defense and then there’s plaintiff’s personal injury. If a consumer is shopping for a personal injury firm, then that consumer should be looking for a plaintiff’s personal injury firm. They are, in fact, very different.” He went on to say that plaintiff’s personal injury is important and helps to make society better. “We’re the ones that hold manufacturers accountable for the harm that their products can cause,” he explained. “Some federal agencies don’t have enough manpower or teeth. These things effect real change. I think they have a very positive social function.”

Regardless of what side of the case an attorney is on, however, Mr. Scime told the Buffalo Law Journal that there is a certain level of integrity expected of them. “People know we don’t lie to each other. We’ll fight hard for our clients, but we’ll fight within the rules,” he said.

Building a practice through reputation

Mr. Scime told the Buffalo Law Journal that he considers Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria to be more traditional when it comes to attracting clients. “We are kind of old school when it comes to how we built the practice,” he explained. “We built it the old-fashioned way: by creating a good reputation through hard work. Our philosophy is to take care of each individual client. And if you want to get a good result for that client, you’d better be ready to go the distance and win the case at trial.”

“We’re different in that regard,” he went on, “because there are mass advertisers out there and you can see that their names are recognized. Maybe in the general public their name is recognized more than ours but, in the circles we rely upon for the work that we do, I’d like to think our name is well-known and trusted.”

About James T. Scime

Mr. Scime, a senior partner in Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria’s Accidents and Personal Injury Practice Area, is widely recognized as one of Western New York’s most skilled and respected attorneys. In fact, many local attorneys refer matters to him when their clients have sustained serious injuries. Over the course of his career, Mr. Scime has helped thousands of people recover financial awards for injuries they have sustained.