Niagara Falls Councilman Charged

On November 10, a Niagara Falls councilman was charged with an elections law violation. Barry Covert spoke to WGRZ about the charges. The full story is available on the WGRZ website.

Failure to file campaign finance reports

WGRZ reports that, according to the State Attorney General’s office, Councilman Charles Walker did not file campaign finance reports in 2014 or 2015. The councilman was arraigned on Thursday on four counts of knowingly and willfully failing to file the needed statements. Each charge is a misdemeanor.

“Initially, an individual who has failed to file or who has made a mistake or perhaps overlooked this is first given the option of a civil penalty, or just a warning, that we’re going to come after you,” Mr. Covert told WGRZ. He explained that, if the documents are still not filed, the issue is then taken more seriously.

About Barry N. Covert

Mr. Covert is a senior partner in Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria’s Criminal Defense Trials and Appeals Practice Area. He is known for his aggressive representation of clients in the areas of New York State and federal criminal trials and appeals; driving while intoxicated; constitutional law, including First Amendment, civil rights actions, and federal False Claims Act; defending against allegations of scientific misconduct and fraud, research misconduct and fraud, plagiarism, and fabrication of evidence; and professional licensing defense. Mr. Covert frequently provides legal analysis for WGRZ and other media outlets.