Local and national media often shine the spotlight on attorneys at Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria. Whether providing analysis on legal matters in the news or representing clients in significant cases, you will find Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria featured. A few instances are below.

Report Finds Former State Assemblyman Breached Public Trust 
WGRZ and constitutional attorney Barry Covert discuss former State Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak's Fifth Amendment rights in a civil sexual harassment suit.
Agreement Reached in Niagara County Sheriff's Office Discrimination Case 
Employee discrimination attorney Robert Boreanaz speaks to the Buffalo News about the agreement reached by the United States of America on behalf of his client, Carisa Boddecker.
Cheektowaga Reaches Settlement in Harassment Case Against Judge, Town 
Paul Cambria gives WGRZ his legal analysis of the settlement reached in a harassment case against the town of Cheektowaga and town judge Paul Piotrowski.
Buffalo Teen Sentenced in Murder Case 
Barry Covert gives WGRZ his legal analysis of the sentencing of a 14-year-old who pleaded guilty to second degree murder.
Finding Ways to Fund Long-Term Care 
Lucy Berkman and the Buffalo Law Journal discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using insurance to pay for long-term care.
Salvation Army Toy Drive Accepting Donations 
Attorney Michael Stuermer speaks to the Buffalo Law Journal about his toy drive benefiting the Salvation Army.
DraftKings, FanDuel Will Fight Cease-And-Desists 
WGRZ asks Paul Cambria to comment on the legality of daily fantasy sports in New York State.
Alabama 8-Year-Old Charged with Murder of 1-Year-Old Girl 
Paul Cambria speaks to WBEN about the murder charges against an Alabama 8-year-old and the manslaughter charges against the victim's mother.
NYS Ban on Mixed Martial Arts Could Be Unconstitutional 
Barry Covert speaks on the constitutionality of New York State's ban on mixed martial arts.
Civil Confinement Violates Defendants' Rights 
Barry Covert gives his take on the involuntary placement of defendants into psychiatric facilities.
Upstate New York's Secession from Downstate Is Unlikely 
Barry Covert provides WGRZ with a legal analysis of New York State's potential split.
Secret Recording of BMHA Commissioner’s Racist Remarks Is Legal, Attorneys Say 
Paul Cambria weighs in on one-party taping in New York State
New Deflategate Developments as Brady Professes Innocence 
Paul Cambria and WBEN discuss Tom Brady’s cellphone and the dispute between the Patriots and the NFL
Additional Medical Malpractice Caps Aren’t Necessary, Several Attorneys Agree 
Laraine Kelley discusses this issue with Buffalo Law Journal
Fast-Food Franchise Owners May Sue Over Recommended Wage Hike 
Michael Schiavone provides legal analysis for WGRZ
Rapper DMX Jailed in Erie County Holding Center 
Barry Covert provides analysis for WGRZ on his failure to pay child support
Family of Bike-Path Crash Victim May Receive Settlement 
Barry Covert discusses the crash and possible safety improvements with WGRZ
Court Documents Include Admission by Bill Cosby of Drugging Women 
Paul Cambria provides analysis about the comedian’s admission and the release of the documents
Escaped Convict Richard Matt Has a History of Jail Breaks 
WGRZ asks Barry Covert about this breakout
Will Driver Responsible for Tragedy in Delaware Park Be Charged? 
Paul Cambria provides legal analysis for WBEN on Maksym Sugorovskiy's death
Amherst Police Assist in Investigation of Death in Delaware Park 
Barry Covert comments on new developments in the case for WGRZ
Arrest Warrant Issued for Father Who Padlocked Kids in Room 
Commentary for WGRZ from Barry Covert about the father’s missed court date
Tax Fraud Charges Against Lumber Store Owner Dismissed 
Barry Covert discusses dropped charges—and money that may be owed to the firm’s client by the state—with Buffalo News and WGRZ
Tom Brady’s Deflategate Appeal and the Deadly Amtrak Train Derailment 
Insights from Paul Cambria on two hot topics for WBEN
U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Historic Same-Sex Marriage Case 
Assessment of court’s likely decision for WBEN from Paul Cambria, who has argued before the highest court three times
Legal Analysis of Aaron Hernandez’s Guilty Verdict: First-Degree Murder 
Paul Cambria analyzes the trial for WBEN
April Fool’s Prank Gone Bad Leads to NFTA Investigation 
Legal insight from Barry Covert for WGRZ
Arizona Coyotes Radio Commentator Arraigned in Buffalo on Numerous Charges 
Barry Covert provides legal analysis for WGRZ
James Scime on “Personal Touch Offered by Personal Injury Attorneys,” Buffalo Law Journal 
Interviewed about obtaining justice and awards for injured clients
Thomas Mercure and James Scime Discuss Firm’s Car-Accident App With Buffalo Law Journal 
Handy app provides access to valuable information and stores important data
Sheriff's Use of Cell Phone Spying May Lead to Reopened Criminal Cases 
Barry Covert provides legal analysis for WGRZ
Paul Cambria Discusses Possible Change in Age for Criminal Responsibility With WBEN 
How would this change the way 16- and 17-year-olds are treated in New York’s criminal justice system?
WGRZ Interviews Barry Covert About Attica Prison Guards’ Plea Deal 
Asked for insight on misdemeanor plea agreement reached in felony beating of inmate
Barry Covert Provides Analysis for WGRZ on Buffalo School Board Accusations 
Comments on threatened legal action over “slanderous” charges of racism, sexism
WGRZ Interviews Barry Covert on Notice of Claim Against Erie County by Storm Victim’s Family  
Discusses potential damages related to Donald Abate's death during the November snowstorm
WBEN Seeks Commentary From Paul Cambria on Possible Corasanti Settlement 
Interviewed on the likelihood of a settlement and how the trial may end
Robert Boreanaz Discusses Pregnancy Discrimination With Buffalo Law Journal 
Comments on the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and current developments
National Award for Herbert L. Greenman Covered by Buffalo Law Journal, Buffalo News 
Presented with NYS Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Marshall Award for Outstanding Criminal Practitioner
Paul Cambria Joins WBEN News Anchors to Discuss Corasanti Civil Trial 
Provides analysis on wrongful-death lawsuit brought by parents of Alex Rice
Legal Analysis Sought From Barry Covert by WGRZ on Sentencing of Parents in Teen’s Death 
Provides commentary on role and sentencing of Jeremy and Astrid Ikeler in daughter’s seizure death
Lawsuit Against Ithaca Dairy Farm for Death of Worker 
The Ithaca Voice reports on a case in which a family, represented by Richard P. Weisbeck, Jr., sues an Ithaca dairy farm for the injuries and death of Francisco Ortiz Garcia.
Guns America Interviews Barry Covert on Second-Amendment Topics 
Discusses New York State’s SAFE Act, orders of protection, and more
Paul Cambria Provides Analysis for WBEN on Corasanti Civil Trial 
Interviewed on wrongful-death lawsuit brought by parents of Alexandria Rice
Barry Covert Interviewed on Sheldon Silver’s Arrest by Buffalo Law Journal 
Provides insight on charges including extortion and mail and wire fraud against the NYS Assembly speaker
WBEN Seeks Reaction From Paul Cambria on Basil-Trial Murder Verdict 
Provides analysis on the second-degree murder verdict for Jeffrey Basil
Paul Cambria Interviewed by WBEN on Two Top Stories in the News 
Discusses accusations the Patriots’ underinflated championship-game balls and developments in the Basil trial
Barry Covert Provides WGRZ With Analysis on Federal Gay-Marriage Review 
Discusses the U.S. Supreme Court’s upcoming review of states’ authority to regulate same-sex marriage
WBEN’s Tom Bauerle Turns to Paul Cambria for In-Depth Analysis on Basil Trial 
Discusses numerous aspects of the trial, including intent and culpability
Paul Cambria Analyzes Prominent Basil and Ballowe Cases for WBEN 
Comments on two cases involving fatalities, one after a bar altercation, the other a hit and run
WBEN Seeks Commentary From Paul Cambria on Two High-Profile Cases 
Provides legal analysis on new developments in the cases of Jeffrey Basil and Chad Kelly

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