Thomas Mercure and James Scime Discuss Firm’s Car-Accident App With Buffalo Law Journal

James T. Scime and Thomas M. Mercure, well-known personal injury attorneys in Buffalo, NY, were interviewed about Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria’s car-accident app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

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Handy apps replace older print material

The article’s author, Michael Petro, notes that personal injury law firms in the past might have provided clients with printed material containing important information to keep in their glove compartments to use in the case of an accident. Today, Lipsitz Green and a few other firms offer clients similar handy information in a more useful app format for their smartphones.

Know your rights to protect your legal case

Mr. Scime said that if a person wants to know their rights in connection with some sort of injury, the firm’s app can get them started in the right direction. He added that the firm doesn’t necessarily envision the app as a marketing tool; rather, it’s a way of being more accessible and making sure clients know their rights and responsibilities so as to avoid doing something that could have a negative impact on a legal case.

Lipsitz Green’s app, which is meant primarily for current clients of the firm, is about two years old. The app also is useful in case of other incidents, such as a workplace injury. The app can help obtain emergency services, locate the nearest hospital, gather specific information about the accident, keep track of related expenses, provide proof of insurance, and more.

Mr. Mercure said, “It’s information that we’ve always provided our clients in the past. It’s just that with the advancements in technology, this is probably the more convenient way to provide it to certain clients. It has allowed us to provide the same type of information in a format more convenient to our clients.”

“You never know who’s going to get into an accident,” Mr. Scime said. “Everything in our lives is turning paperless. Now there is a lot we can do from wherever we happen to be, and that’s a good thing.”

Resources are available

In addition to the Accident Toolkit App, Lipsitz Green provides a convenient DWI & Arrest Guide App. Both apps are available for iPhones and Android phones. Click here to download these free apps.

James Scime and Thomas Mercure are both senior partners in the firm’s Accidents and Personal Injury Practice Area. Both attorneys focus their practices on automobile accidents, construction accidents, products liability, and medical malpractice. Many local and out-of-state attorneys refer their cases to both Mr. Scime and Mr. Mercure based on their reputations and the favorable results they achieve for their clients.