Penalties for Underage Drinking and Driving

Many people are aware of the penalties they could face if convicted of DWI, but how do those penalties change if you are underage? A grandmother and grandson in Santa Fe, New Mexico recently discovered what the consequences for underage drinking and driving can be. According to KOAT, a Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputy recently pulled a car over for erratic driving. When the driver exited the vehicle at the high-risk traffic stop, the deputy discovered that the driver was 13-years-old and possibly intoxicated, with his grandmother and another teen in the backseat of the car. Because the young driver may have been drinking but refused a sobriety test, he is facing charges of aggravated DWI as well as charges for driving without a license. In New York State, driving with even a little alcohol in your system is prohibited by law if you are underage. Read on to find out what the penalties could be if you are convicted of an underage DWI and how an experienced attorney may be able to help you.


Driver's License Restrictions for Multiple DWIs

When someone is charged with a DWI, a question they often have is what the penalties will be if this is not the first driving offense they’ve had that involves drugs or alcohol. New York State has regulations in place that affect drivers who have multiple convictions or incidents related to drunk or drugged driving. If you have multiple DWI or DWAI convictions on your driving record, read on to learn more information about these penalties, officially enacted in 2012, and to learn how an attorney can help you.


Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs

You may already be aware that .08 is the legal blood alcohol content limit throughout the country for driving drunk but, as marijuana is being legalized in more and more states, you may be wondering if there is an equivalent legal limit for driving while high. The Washington Post reports that, although at least 20 states—including New York—have instituted laws regarding Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs (DWAI: Drugs), it is actually very difficult to determine whether someone who has been using marijuana is too impaired to drive. Read more to find out what makes this determination so difficult, what the penalties are, and how a DWI attorney can help.