Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) DWI is serious business.

If you drive a commercial vehicle in New York State, having a clean driving record is a key to your employment. Losing your driver license because of a CDL DWI can put your job, your livelihood and your family in jeopardy.

If you hold a Class A, B or C license in New York State, the legal blood alcohol limit (BAC) is .04%—lower than .08% BAC threshold for Class D drivers. What’s more, if you get arrested for DWI, it can impact your ability to hold a commercial driver license even if you weren’t convicted while on the job.

Plus, if you hold a CDL and are convicted of DWI, DWAI or if you refuse to take chemical tests, you can face penalties that are more severe than drivers with personal licenses.

  • First conviction of Commercial DWI – CDL revoked for one year
  • First conviction Commercial DWI in vehicle carrying hazardous materials – CDL revoked for three years
  • Second conviction of Commercial DWI – CDL revoked for life (may receive a waiver after 10 years)

Drivers who are convicted of CDL DWI in Buffalo, New York, with a BAC of .18% or greater can be charged with a Class E felony, fined $1,000-$5,000 and sentenced to up to 4 years in state prison. Learn more about New York DWI penalties.

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