Hearing Loss on Construction Sites

When working on a construction site, you are constantly exposed to crashing, banging, and loud machinery. You may not think anything of it but, as your life progresses, you may notice that you can’t hear the TV as well as you used to. Or maybe you think your hearing is perfect, but it seems like your friends and family have started to mumble more than usual. What may seem like the new normal to you could actually be hearing loss caused by noise on construction sites.

The Focus Four: Falling

As a construction worker, you know the hazards that you face every day and how quickly a situation can turn dangerous on the job, especially when you’re working at height. One moment everything feels secure, but then the wind blows the wrong way or you lose your footing. Fall hazards are a given at most worksites and you may be exposed to these hazards on a daily basis. Before you go on a job, it’s important to know what the risks are and what prevention measures should be in place to keep you safe.

The Focus Four: Struck-By Hazards

On a construction site, there are so many moving parts that it’s sometimes hard to stay aware of all of them. You do your best, but you may not always be able to avoid being struck by a piece of debris or a moving object. Struck-by hazards can be commonplace on construction sites; learn how to identify them, how to keep yourself safer, and what to do if something goes wrong.