The Focus Four: Struck-By Hazards

On a construction site, there are so many moving parts that it’s sometimes hard to stay aware of all of them. You do your best, but you may not always be able to avoid being struck by a piece of debris or a moving object. Struck-by hazards can be commonplace on construction sites; learn how to identify them, how to keep yourself safer, and what to do if something goes wrong.

Hazard categories

A struck-by injury is caused by forcible contact or impact between a person and an object or piece of equipment. These hazards were responsible for 402 occupational fatalities in 2010, which indicates that they are a serious concern on worksites. The different categories of struck-by hazards are:

  • Struck by flying object
  • Struck by falling object
  • Struck by swinging object
  • Struck by rolling object

These incidents can cause serious injuries and may even be fatal. Knowing how to protect yourself is essential to preserving your safety on the job.


There are several ways to protect yourself from struck-by hazards. These methods include:

  • Not positioning yourself between moving and fixed objects
  • Staying aware of heavy equipment and clear of lifted or suspended loads
  • Checking vehicles before each shift to make sure the parts and accessories are in safe operating condition
  • Not driving a vehicle in reverse if it has an obstructed rear view unless the vehicle has an audible reverse alarm or another worker signals that it is safe
  • Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to include eyes, face, and head
  • Wearing high-visibility clothing

Doing all these things does not guarantee your safety, but it does help you to avoid struck-by hazards as much as possible.

What to do next

If you get struck by an object at work, contact Lipsitz
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