Electrocution accidents are a deadly hazard on any job site.

Electrocution occurs when a construction worker has received a lethal dose of electricity. When a current enters a construction worker’s body, he becomes a conduit of electricity—often with fatal results. In 2005, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that electrocution was the fourth leading cause of death for construction workers. What’s more, construction laborers have the second highest number of electrocution deaths per year among all occupations.

Major Electrocution Hazards

  • Contact with power lines
  • Poor ground-fault protection
  • Contact with live wires or defective equipment
  • Incorrect use of extension and flexible cords
  • Faulty or damaged power tools

Some electrocution accidents on construction sites are not fatal. Electric shock can also cause severe injuries to construction workers—from burns and organ damage to muscle impairment and cardiac arrest. Construction workers who are not killed by electrocution may suffer many debilitating, long-term conditions such as nerve damage, paralysis, vision difficulties and hearing loss.

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