Charged With a DWI? You Have a Lot to Consider

Being arrested and charged with a DWI can be scary and overwhelming, and alcohol- and drug-related crimes carry serious penalties.

The level of impairment—affecting coordination, judgment, and the ability to drive—depends on certain factors. The amount of alcohol consumed, the amount of food consumed prior to intoxication, and body weight all influence blood-alcohol (BAC) levels. In New York State, driving with a BAC of .08 is evidence of intoxication, although for commercial motor vehicles, the acceptable limit is .04.

Aggravated DWI involves a BAC of .18 or higher. Refusing to take a chemical sobriety test is reason for arrest. Driving under the influence of drugs and driving under the age of 21 while inebriated can also result in criminal charges.
If you are charged with a DWI, it is imperative that you contact a lawyer. Effective defense attorneys know your rights and understand the subtleties of the law. A DWI lawyer may also find potential weaknesses in the charges against you.

Weaknesses in DWI cases

Illegal search and seizure, inaccurate field sobriety tests, and improper testing equipment can have a profound impact on a DWI case and may result in acquittal or reduction of penalty. Additionally, a good DWI attorney will know all the details of the law when it comes to the expungement of records for DWI cases.

Strong DWI representation

If you are charged with a DWI or fear being charged, Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria offers you technology that is free and easy to use and will assist you in the event of a DWI arrest or accident. Lipsitz Green’s DWI & Arrest Guide App provides detailed information on rights and sends alerts immediately to our lawyers so that we can offer you prompt legal counsel and assistance.

At Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria, we have over two decades of experience in defending DWI cases and helping to deliver the best possible outcome for clients. Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria, one of the top law firms in Buffalo, has a proven track record of dedication and success. 

This article does not purport to give legal advice and is for informational purposes only.

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