DWI Offenders May Be Mandated to Attend AA Meetings

If a person is convicted of a DWI offense, he or she may be instructed by the court to attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. The intended purpose of sending convicted motorists to AA is to reduce sentencing and help break unhealthy and illegal behavior patterns. With the help of an attorney, the offender may present a case to the judge to reduce sentencing in exchange for attending a number of AA meetings. 

The legal system will likely institute ways to ensure that offenders attend their AA
meetings so that the meetings can have the intended positive effect. AA meetings usually have an appointed secretary who can sign court slips and submit attendance cards to court officers overseeing the case.

DWI offenders may be mandated to attend AA meetings. DWI offenders may be mandated or choose to attend AA.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

AA defines itself as a “worldwide fellowship of men and women who have a drinking problem.” The intention of AA is to help its members stay sober. AA members do not graduate and become free of alcoholism but rather refer to themselves once sober as “recovered alcoholics.”

If a DWI offender is mandated or chooses to go to AA meetings, he or she will become a member of a support group that consists of other people who identify with alcoholism. In AA, there are open and closed meetings. Open meetings are for all people who have a desire to stop drinking and for their friends and family who wish to attend. Closed meetings are only for people who consider themselves alcoholics. A DWI offender will be able to bring loved ones to open meetings for emotional support if they wish. Typically attendance at meetings once or twice a week will be required. Anyone convicted of DWI but not ordered to attend AA meetings may still attend if they wish in an effort to help stop unhealthy and illegal behaviors. Your attorney can make sure the court is aware that you are making this effort.

Who can help?

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