Real Estate Attorneys in Buffalo, NY

Whether you are involved in a complex commercial real estate transaction or are buying or selling a home, you need legal representation with deep market knowledge to help recognize opportunities and pitfalls in order to make the most of your transaction. Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria's real estate attorneys, based in Buffalo, NY, have wide-ranging experience in the local real estate market and strong relationships with lenders, realtors, developers, and other real estate professionals.

Handling transactions of all sizes and types

Developers, financial institutions, businesses, and nonprofit organizations rely on us to handle all of their commercial real estate needs, from land acquisition and negotiation to construction financing and environmental issues to leasing, evictions, and zoning. When our individal clients need to find, finance, or close on a new home or sell their current home, we are there to help with solid knowledge about brokers, disclosure statements, contracts, and other relevant issues to help you through what can be a complex and challenging experience.

Whether your transaction involves a large commercial development or a small condo, you get the same personal attention, top attorneys, competitive rates, and high standards. Whatever the transaction, our experienced attorneys are hands on and stay actively involved throughout the transaction.

A full range of real estate services

Our wide range of commercial and residential real estate services include the following:     

Sales and Purchases

We are experienced in analyzing all issues relating to the sale and purchase of real estate, both commercial and residential, from the prospective of both the seller and the purchaser. We not only give advice but prepare and review contracts and any documents related to the overall process.

Purchaser Financing

Our real estate lawyers have extensive experience with all aspects of financing. We know the issues involved, the various options available, and all of the ramifications.

Lender Financing

Lipsitz Green represents several lenders on both residential and commercial levels. We understand the needs of our clients, including the need to move accurately and expeditiously. 

Leasing, Landlord-Tenant Matters, and Housing Code and Code Compliance

We have extensive experience dealing with all kinds of issues from both the landlord and the tenant’s perspectives, giving us a broad view of all of the issues involved. We represent clients who own and operate office buildings, hotels, apartments, and retail developments as well as residential and commercial tenants. We have handled evictions for both landlords and tenants and have worked extensively with property owners regarding building code violations.

Development and Zoning and Land Use

Our real estate lawyers have represent a number of developers and dealt with the myriad hurdles that must be faced, including SEQRA compliance and environmental issues.

Title Examination and Review

We have extensive experience with all laws and issues related to real property and make sure every aspect of the title transfer for the property in question is seamless.


When issues arise that cannot be solved through negotiation, our litigation attorneys have the experience to agressively protect the interests of our clients.

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