Professional Licensing Defense Lawyers in Buffalo, NY

If you are in a profession that requires a license, you know that all your years of hard work and your accomplishments can be put in jeopardy by an unfounded accusation or a momentary lapse of judgement. If you are being investigated or feel you may otherwise be in danger of losing your license, it is imperative that you seek guideance from a qualifited attorney, like one of Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria's professional licensing defense lawyers, based in Buffalo, NY. Our attorneys will help protect your livelihood, your reputation, and your peace of mind.

Working to keep professionals working

Lipsitz Green has an excellent record of success in defending clients across a wide spectrum of professions that require licensing or certification, such as:

  •  Accountants
  •  Architects
  •  Automotive repairs
  •  Contractors
  •  Court reporters
  •  Dentists
  •  Doctors
  •  Engineers
  •  Funeral directors
  •  Home inspectors
  •  Law enforcement
  •  Lawyers
  •  Nurses
  •  Pharmacists
  •  Realtors
  •  Teachers

Recognized by clients, peers, and the judiciary

The firm’s distinguished professional licensing defense attorneys work hand in hand with each client to provide effective guidance through the complicated process of investigations, sanctions, hearings, and appeals. As one of the region’s most renowned defense firms, Lipsitz Green has wide-ranging experience in defending cases in local, state, and federal courts as well as before a multitude of governing agencies.

Leading peer recognition publications—including Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers, and U.S. News & World Report/Best Lawyers—consistently recognize Lipsitz Green and its highly regarded attorneys for their outstanding legal know-how. The firm’s skillful attorneys are committed to helping clients clearly understand what is at stake in a licensing investigation and take the appropriate steps necessary to ensure that the client’s career is protected.

Get the sound legal counsel you need to safeguard your professional reputation. Contact Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria today.

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