Rand Paul Allegedly Assaulted by Neighbor

In early November, Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) suffered extreme injuries in an altercation with a neighbor. Senator Paul was allegedly assaulted by his next door neighbor and the incident left the Senator with bruised lungs and several broken ribs. Attorney Barry Covert spoke to MarketWatch about the incident and what can be done to help avoid these incidents. The full story is available on the MarketWatch website.

Researching your neighborhood

59-year-old Rene Boucher, a neighbor of Senator Rand Paul, was charged with fourth-degree assault in relation to an altercation with the Senator. One of Senator Paul’s aides described the pain as “considerable” and was unclear about when the Senator will be able to return to work.

Mr. Covert told MarketWatch that it is important to research your neighborhood before purchasing a home. This includes researching your potential neighbors on Facebook and Twitter. Mr. Covert also recommends speaking to the local police and visiting local stores and laundry services to get a feel for the neighborhood. Additionally, Mr. Covert explained that speaking directly to your potential neighbors could also give you insight into what living in the neighborhood would be like.

“If there are minor problems, try to concede issues,” Mr. Covert said. “Bite your tongue for the sake of familial and neighborhood peace. It is very hard to wake up every day and then later come home from work to a hostile neighborhood environment. You feel as though you cannot get away from it and that it will never end.”

About Barry N. Covert

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