O.J. Simpson’s Parole Hearing

O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing for charges he was convicted of in 2007 is set for the afternoon of Thursday, July 20. Simpson has served nine years in a Nevada prison for kidnapping, armed robbery, and other charges stemming from a Las Vegas incident. Renowned criminal defense attorney Paul Cambria spoke to WIVB about Simpson’s parole and the potential outcome of the hearing. The full story can be found on the WIVB website and the video of the interview can be watched below.

Minimum sentence served

Mr. Cambria told WIVB that Simpson, who has served the minimum sentence for the Las Vegas robbery in which he was trying to recover his own sports memorabilia, “should be paroled.”

“He’s 70 years old. He has a perfect record as far as the prisoner is concerned,” Mr. Cambria explained to WIVB. “He’s served the minimum sentence. If you look at the statistics there in Nevada, you’ll see 80 percent of the people who are in the same circumstance that he’s in have been paroled,” he went on.

Public opinion

Mr. Cambria went on to tell WIVB that public opinion of Simpson since his acquittal for the 1994 murders of Ronald Goldman and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson could have contributed to his being sentenced more severely for his 2007 crime. “I think it was extremely heavy,” Mr. Cambria said. “The problem is that a lot of people are convinced that he was guilty of the murder of his wife and Ron Goldman and, basically, punished him for a crime he was never convicted of.”

About Paul J. Cambria, Jr.

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