New York State Minority and Women Business Enterprise Certifications

Applying for New York State’s Minority and Women Business Enterprise Certification affords women and minority business owners certain benefits, such as funding and grant opportunities. The application process, however, has recently changed and become more complicated. The Buffalo Law Journal spoke to Matthew B. Morey, a partner in Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria’s Business and Corporate Department, about the issue. The full story can be found on the Buffalo Law Journal website.

Complications in application process

The application for the MWBE Certification has been moved online in order to streamline the process. This does not always make the application process easier, however. Mr. Morey told the Law Journal that applications seem to be taking longer to process than they used to and that the State has been asking for more documents for certification, particularly if the business is already established. Applications for recertification have also been under greater scrutiny. “It’s not alarming, but clients need to be aware,” Mr. Morey said.

Mr. Morey told the Law Journal that applications can now take years to process and that Empire State Development, who oversees the application process, may be looking into each business’ documentation more thoroughly and “that’s really bogging things down.”

“It seems kind of crazy to me that in New York we’re supposed to be open for business. We’re supposed to be making it easier for minorities and women to seek certification,” Mr. Morey said. “That it would take over a year in some situations to find out if you’re certified, that’s a problem. It just doesn’t make sense. I think it’s a lack of resources.”

About Matthew B. Morey

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