New York Attorney General Sues Donald J. Trump Foundation

The New York Attorney General is suing the Donald J. Trump Foundation, President Donald Trump, and three of his children for illegally using the charity’s fundraising money to benefit President Trump’s businesses, legal bills, and presidential campaign. Attorney Barry Covert spoke to WIVB about where the suit could lead. For the full story, see the WIVB website.

Suit claims foundation illegally supported Trump campaign

WIVB reports that New York State Attorney General Barbara Underwood is suing to dissolve the Donald J. Trump Foundation and that she is seeking $2.8 million in restitution. Her suit claims that the foundation illegally supported President Trump’s presidential campaign by raising money at a fundraiser in January of 2016 and then allowing campaign staffers to decide how that money was spent. Her predecessor, Eric Schneiderman, started this investigation in 2016 and ordered that the foundation stop fundraising in New York.

Barry Covert told WIVB that he suspects that “Mr. Trump, his children, and the Foundation are going to almost immediately file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit as being improperly brought.” He went on to say that their motion will most likely say “that the court does not have jurisdiction, that the Attorney General’s office is incorrect in its theories, that there is no what’s called a cause of action, [and that] nothing was done improperly and so, therefore, the lawsuit should be dismissed on its face.” Mr. Covert also explained that a complicated civil case such as this one could take years to complete.

About Barry N. Covert

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