Media Reports on First Child Victims Act Lawsuit Against USA Hockey, Filed by Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria

Several Western New York media outlets reported on a recent Child Victims Act lawsuit involving a former Depew youth hockey coach.

Richard P. Weisbeck, Jr. and Christina M. Croglio of Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria filed the Child Victims Act lawsuit on behalf of their client. As reported by The Buffalo NewsWGRZ, and WKBW; the lawsuit has been filed against former youth hockey coach Douglas Nails, the Saints Youth Hockey Club of Depew, and USA Hockey, which is based in Colorado.

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Abuse by Youth Hockey Coach

As detailed in media reports, the lawsuit states that the victim in this case was molested by his youth hockey coach for seven years. The sexual assault took place between 1985 through 1992, when the victim was 7 to 15 years of age. The instances of abuse occurred at the hockey coach’s house, at hockey tournaments, and at other events.

Negligence of Youth Hockey Institutions

Under New York State’s Child Victims Act, adult survivors of childhood sexual assault and abuse are able to seek justice in civil court against their assailant as well as any institutions whose negligence allowed the abuse to occur.

The Buffalo News addresses the involvement of Saints Youth Hockey Club and USA Hockey in the lawsuit, stating in their story: “The plaintiff alleged that USA Hockey and the Saints Hockey Club were aware prior to the abuse that a number of their coaches were sexually abusing young boys, but the organizations showed a reckless disregard for the safety of children and were negligent in selecting and training coaches.

WGRZ directly referenced the lawsuit in their report, stating: “The lawsuit says USA Hockey and the Saints were aware that a number of coaches were abusing young boys and accuses them of ‘structuring and organizing’ youth hockey programs ‘to create ideal circumstances for child molesters acting as a youth hockey coach to commit sexual assaults.’” WGRZ’s report also stated: “The suit also alleges they should be held liable because they placed Nail and other coaches ‘in situations of intimate or personal contact with the child and other young boys.’

Boy Scouts and History of Abuse

Media stories regarding this Child Victims Act lawsuit also detailed Douglas Nail’s past in their reporting. Nail, the former youth hockey coach and accused perpetrator of assault in this case, had a history of abuse involving the Boy Scouts.

WKBW reporters created a timeline of Douglas Nail’s participation in multiple youth organizations as well as accusations of perpetrating abuse and committing sexual crimes that date back to 1984. The reporters utilized confidential records from attorneys suing the Boy Scouts, as well as news reports and lawsuits filed under the Child Victims Act to create the timeline.

WKBW’s timeline indicates that Douglas Nail became a Scoutmaster in Depew Boy Scout Troop #565 in 1978. Parents of two Boy Scouts notified the troop in 1984 that Nail fondled a boy at a sleepover attended by a group of scouts. WKBW’s report states: “But because the matter was handled ‘internally’ and not reported to law enforcement, Nail spent the next 20 years coaching youth hockey”.

Nail became a coach for the Saints Youth Hockey Club in 1985. He coached until 2004, when he was charged and convicted of possession of child pornography.

More Information on Sexual Abuse Matters and Child Victims Act

For more information on the legal rights of survivors of childhood sexual abuse and the Child Victims Act, visit Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria’s Sexual Abuse Victims page. For answers to additional questions or for a free confidential case review, contact attorneys Richard P. Weisbeck, Jr. or Christina M. Croglio. Richard Weisbeck can be reached at 716-849-1333, ext. 348 or via e-mail at Christina Croglio can be reached at 716-849-1333, ext. 395 or via e-mail at

 Videos of Media Reports

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