Child Victims Act Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Former Youth Hockey Player Assaulted by His Coach

The Buffalo News recently reported on a Child Victims Act lawsuit filed against a Buffalo area youth hockey coach and the organizations affiliated with the hockey association he coached for.

Attorney Richard P. Weisbeck, Jr. filed the Child Victims Act lawsuit on behalf of his client, a former youth hockey player in the Buffalo-based Cazenovia Park Hockey Association.

The lawsuit was filed against the Cazenovia Park Hockey Association, Western New York Amateur Hockey League, New York State Amateur Hockey Association, USA Hockey, and former coach Gerald P. Hayes.

As reported in The Buffalo News, the lawsuit states the victim in this matter was sexually assaulted by his hockey coach, Gerald P. Hayes, from 1983 to 1985 at hockey events and other locations. The victim was between ten to twelve years of age when the abuse occurred.

The Buffalo News spoke to attorney Richard P. Weisbeck, Jr. regarding this Child Victims Act lawsuit. Mr. Weisbeck stated “There’s a strong belief that this perpetrator committed sexual crimes against other children in the hockey organization”. Commenting on his client, Mr. Weisbeck said “Most importantly, my client wants to expose the child molester for the horrible sexual crimes he committed. My client knows that the perpetrator lives within a mile of the area where these sexual crimes were committed and he is fearful that the child molester is still preying on children in the neighborhood”.

This is the second Child Victims Act filed against USA Hockey in New York State. Mr. Weisbeck also filed the first Child Victims Act lawsuit against USA Hockey, on behalf of his client. Details regarding that matter can be found by clicking here.

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