Buffalo Attorney Indicted on Felony Charge

Matthew Albert, a Buffalo area attorney, has recently been indicted on three new charges related to a domestic violence incident in which he was involved last year. These charges include a felony. Criminal defense attorney Barry Covert spoke to WGRZ about the potential consequences Albert faces should he be convicted. The full story is available on the WGRZ website.

Felony penalties for lawyers

WGRZ reports that, in June 2017, Albert was charged with several misdemeanors after the Buffalo Police said that he choked and hit his then-girlfriend and caused her to fall down the stairs. The more recent indictment related to this incident includes the D felony Bribing a Witness charge, as well as the misdemeanor charges of Tampering with a Witness and Criminal Contempt.

Mr. Covert told WGRZ that “a D felony is serious. You get two and one-third to seven years as a maximum punishment.” However, he went on, “you wouldn’t expect that for anyone who has no prior record.”

Mr. Covert explained that the penalties for a lawyer convicted of a felony can be quite severe. “You lose your license,” he said. He went on to say that with a misdemeanor, “you have some real problems with the Appellate Division.”

“If it’s a misdemeanor relating to somehow trying to tamper with the court system then it’s very different than, say, a DWI misdemeanor, which happens with attorneys, unfortunately,” Mr. Covert explained.

About Barry N. Covert

Mr. Covert is a senior partner in Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria’s Criminal Defense Trials and Appeals Practice Area. He is known for his aggressive representation of clients in the areas of New York State and federal criminal trials and appeals; driving while intoxicated; constitutional law, including First Amendment, civil rights actions, and federal False Claims Act; defending against allegations of scientific misconduct and fraud, research misconduct and fraud, plagiarism, and fabrication of evidence; and professional licensing defense. Mr. Covert frequently provides legal analysis for WGRZ and other media outlets.