Local and national media often shine the spotlight on attorneys at Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria. Whether providing analysis on legal matters in the news or representing clients in significant cases, you will find Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria featured. A few instances are below.

Boston Town Clerk Investigated 
WGRZ spoke to Michael Schiavone about an investigation, for which he is serving as outside counsel, into a house purchased by the Boston Town Clerk.
Conviction Overturned in Buffalo Boy's Murder 
Defense attorney Barry Covert spoke to Time Warner Cable News about Matthew Kuzdzal's overturned conviction in the sexual assault and murder of 5-year-old Eain Brooks.
New York Ban on Ballot Selfies Stands 
WGRZ's Scott Levin asked constitutional attorney Barry Covert for his commentary on the ruling in a Manhattan court case on whether or not New Yorkers should be allowed to take selfies and pictures of their ballots while voting.
Niagara Falls Councilman Charged 
WGRZ reached out to Barry Covert for comment on the charges against a Niagara Falls councilman.
Man Charged in Elma Accidental Shooting 
Criminal defense attorney Barry Covert spoke to WGRZ's Maryalice Demler about the charges 19-year-old Jake Klocek faces in relation to his involvement in the shooting death of a 19-year-old in Elma.
Police Statements Released in Batavia House Fire 
Legal analyst Barry Covert spoke to WGRZ about the severity of the charges against a mother whose sons died in a Batavia house fire.
DraftKings, FanDuel Settle with New York State 
Legal analyst Barry Covert gave WGRZ his take on the $12 million settlement between DraftKings and FanDuel and New York State, as well as its effect on consumers.
Governor Cuomo Denies Bridgegate Involvement 
Criminal defense attorney Barry Covert spoke to WGRZ about the allegations that Governor Andrew Cuomo was involved in New Jersey's Bridgegate scandal.
Representing the Buffalo Bills 
Michael Schiavone spoke to the Buffalo Law Journal about his experience as outside counsel for the Buffalo Bills.
Buffalo Public Schools Discussing New Gender Identity Policy 
Civil rights attorney Paul Cambria spoke to WGRZ about the legal issues surrounding Buffalo Public Schools' potential new gender identity policy.
Personal Injury Practice in Western New York 
Personal injury attorney James T. Scime was featured in the Buffalo Law Journal's cover story about personal injury practices and the differences among personal injury firms.
Parents and Children Reunited After Drowning Death of Daughter 
Criminal defense attorney Paul Cambria gave legal analysis to the Amarillo Globe-News regarding the detention of two California parents after the drowning death of their 7-year-old daughter.
Federal Judge Rules Cell Phone Spying Without Warrant Unconstitutional 
Constitutional attorney Barry Covert spoke to WGRZ about the federal ruling that deemed using cell phone tracking equipment without a warrant unconstitutional.
Human Rights Case Against Paladino Could Continue to Cost Taxpayers 
Barry Covert offered WGRZ his legal analysis of the new developments in the human rights case against Carl Paladino and how the case affects how taxpayer money is spent.
Police Investigating Circumstances Surrounding Baby Hit, Killed in Car Accident 
Attorney Barry Covert offered WGRZ his legal analysis of the investigation into seven-month-old Nyree Greene's death in a car accident.
Woman Charged with Vehicular Manslaughter in 2013 Hit and Run 
Barry Covert spoke to WGRZ about the charges against a woman involved in a fatal 2013 car accident and how politics may have played a role.
Republican Political Activist Pleads Not Guilty to Voter Fraud 
Constitutional attorney Barry Covert spoke to WGRZ about the voter fraud charges against Republican political activist Rus Thompson and whether his political leanings may have led to his being singled out.
Bill Cosby Could Be Acquitted of Assault Charges 
Nationally renowned criminal defense attorney Paul Cambria spoke to WBEN about the sexual assault charges against Bill Cosby and the likelihood that he could be acquitted.
Buffalo School District Legal Battle Costing Taxpayers Thousands 
Paul Cambria spoke to WGRZ's Jeff Preval about a legal battle going on in the Buffalo School District and how it continues to cost taxpayers money.
Family in Route 198 Incident Sues Driver, City, and County 
Noted attorney Barry Covert speaks to WGRZ's Kelly Dudzik about the lawsuit filed by the family whose three-year-old son was killed by a car near Delaware Park in May of 2015.
Digital Privacy Loophole in Federal Law 
Constitutional attorney Barry Covert spoke to WGRZ's Michael Wooten about the loopholes in a 30-year-old federal law regarding digital privacy.
Nepotism Can Present Legal Issues for Businesses 
Labor and employment attorney Robert Boreanaz spoke to Texas' Amarillo Globe-News about how hiring several members of the same family can affect an employer legally.
Investigation into Buffalo Billion and Cuomo Aide Continues 
Attorney Paul Cambria spoke to WIVB about the investigation into the Buffalo Billion and its specific focus on a senior advisor to Governor Andrew Cuomo.
Erin Andrews Awarded $55 Million in Lawsuit 
WGRZ's Scott Levin and defense attorney Barry Covert discuss the verdict in the Erin Andrews lawsuit.
Difficulties Doing Business in Buffalo 
Constitutional attorney Barry Covert spoke to WGRZ's Claudine Ewing about the difficulties that some Buffalo businesses face when trying to open or expand.
Debate Over New York State Scaffold Law Reform 
Personal injury attorney James T. Scime spoke to the Buffalo Law Journal about a proposed change to New York State's Scaffold Law and what it might mean for the safety of construction workers.
Buffalo Police Officer Suspended for Social Media Posts 
WGRZ asked Paul Cambria, a noted criminal defense attorney who has taken First Amendment cases to the Supreme Court, for his legal analysis of the suspension of a Buffalo police officer after he posted videos on Vine that violated the Department's social media policy.
Apple Refusing to Create Decryption Software to Access San Bernardino iPhone Data 
Paul Cambria spoke to WBEN and WIVB about Apple's refusal to create a software that would decrypt the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters and what the implications are on the public's right to privacy.
No Violations Found in Niagara University Title IX Investigation 
Barry Covert, an experienced criminal defense and Title IX attorney, spoke to WGRZ and the Buffalo News about the Title IX investigation he led regarding allegations against Niagara University.
Former State Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak Fined $100,000 by Ethics Commission 
WGRZ reached out to criminal defense attorney Barry Covert for his legal analysis on the allegations and fine brought against former State Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak for allegedly harassing female staffers and using state resources to fund his reelection campaign.
Buffalo Bills Running Back LeSean McCoy Under Investigation in Alleged Assault 
Nationally renowned criminal defense attorney Paul Cambria spoke to WBEN’s John Zach and Susan Rose about the assault allegations against Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy.
$4.65 Million Settlement in Police Shooting of Unarmed Man 
The Buffalo News and WIVB report on personal injury attorney Richard P. Weisbeck’s achieving a $4.65 million settlement with insurers for the Town of West Seneca in the police shooting of unarmed Jeffrey J. Edwards.
Local Panera Under Scrutiny for Sign 
Business and corporate attorney Jeffrey Reina gives WGRZ his legal analysis of a potentially discriminatory sign posted at a local Panera Bread location.
Depew Woman Charged with Criminally Negligent Homicide in Fatal Crash 
Barry Covert gives WGRZ his legal analysis of the charges and evidence in a fatal Depew car crash.
Judge Orders Snowvember 911 Tapes Released 
Defense attorney Barry Covert gives WGRZ his legal analysis of a case involving a man's death during the Snowvember storm.
New Trademark Decision May Affect Washington Redskins Case 
Noted trademark attorney Jonathan Brown discusses the Washington Redskins and what constitutes a disparaging trademark with the Buffalo Law Journal.
Smoking Ban to be Implemented in All BMHA Apartments 
WGRZ reached out to constitutional attorney Barry Covert about 4th Amendment rights issues in a new smoking ban to take effect in Buffalo Municipal Housing.
Trademark Issues Over Use of Buffalove 
Experienced trademark attorney Jonathan W. Brown talks to WGRZ about the legal complications associated with trademarking "Buffalove" and other slogans.
Former Justice Kevin Dillon Dies at 65 
Paul Cambria speaks to WBFO about the legacy left by Judge Kevin Dillon, who passed away on January 7.
Legal Fees Rise in Buffalo School District's Human Rights Case 
Attorney Barry Covert speaks to WGRZ about the human rights civil lawsuit involving the Buffalo School District.

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